Saturday, 3 September 2011

10 Minute Cleaning Game Day 10

So today is the first day when I actually CLEANED!

We're having people over tonight but it's turned out to be a smaller group than expected.  The living room is tidy and the kitchen has been cleared out.  The basement looks lived in but not a disaster.  The basement bathroom was not as acceptable.

In 15 minutes (I know I just got carried away!) I:
  1. Cleaned the toilet (so much nicer)
  2. Washed the sink, and cabinet
  3. Shined the faucet
  4. Cleaned the mirror
  5. Dusted the light fixtures (tiny spiders had taken over!)
  6. Swept the floor in the bathroom
  7. Swept the stairs and landing to the basement.
The shower will be another day.  The main floor bathroom isn't in disaster mode yet, so it can wait too.  Usually parties end up in the Man Den in the basement and I cringe thinking they're using that bathroom so, getting even this part of the bathroom done has been a big relief.

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