Friday, 9 September 2011

10 MInute Cleaning Game Day 14 & 15

So I've been doing a lot of my (real) work lately.  Yesterday I got to a wall where I needed to put my head on the desk and sleep.  I was trying to convince myself that I needed a break.  So I sat at my desk and asked myself, "well, what will you do on break?"  My mind flashed to the couch, the soft, comfortable couch.  I realized I should keep working instead of entering a multiple hour nap.  Instead I decided to get active and do my 10 minute clean.  It did help a bit too.  Here's what I got done.
  1. Gathered dirty laundry and started a load in the washer.
  2. Swept the bathroom and replaced the bathmat.
  3. Wiped down the kitchen counters and stove.
I'll be going away this weekend, so I wanted to get my cleaning out of the way early today too.   I managed to fit these tasks into my 10 minutes.

  1. Quick tidy of the basement.  Looks lived in, but should be good enough for man weekend here.
  2. Loaded and ran dishwasher.
  3. Started clearing off DH's dresser. 
There's still some junk on each of our dressers, but I can see wood on both!  When I started playing the 10 minute cleaning challenge, our room was a mess.  Whenever we had tidied before, a lot of junk was thrown in and the door was closed.  I really see it coming together now, and that's exciting for me.

The living room looked fine as is today.  Maybe a little dusty but could pass.  When I started the living room would accumulate so much junk! 

This seems to be working.  Throughout the day we're cleaning more we see issues, so there's less to pick up in the 10 minutes and I can use that time more and more to tackle cleaning issues that have been bugging me.

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