Thursday, 1 September 2011

Look at the Freebies I got in the Mail Today!

Today was an awesome mail day!

1.  DH got his coupon for a free birthdya beverage from Starbucks.  He'll be excited when he gets home.

2.  I got my coupon for a free carton of lactose free cream from Natrel. 

3.  I got my coupon for a free bag of Ruffles Spicy Ketchup chips from Mac's!

I also got a few more coupons I ordered from the online site.

While the mailman came, I was across the street helping a neighbour use his computer.  He gave me a box of chocolates (he says they give him acne) and let me look through his recycling bin (strange request I know.  It was garbage day and he still had his bin by the house).  I managed to find the McDonald's coupon booklet, a Harvey's coupon page, the KFC coupon pamplet and a Nando's coupon page (Afro-Portuguese).  They get a paper without inserts, so no luck there, but not a bad visit I'd say!

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