Saturday, 3 September 2011

What Is the Shoppers Optimum Points Program?

So I generally think things at Shoppers Drug Mart are over priced.  I used to use the program on the 20x the points days but I gave that up when I started using flyers to track the deals.  Now that I'm also using coupons, I've decided to give it another shot.  Here are the basics of the program.

What is it?
The Shoppers Optimum Points program is a loyalty program offered by Shoppers Drug Mart free to customers.  Points are earned on each purchase and can be redeemed once set levels are reached to pay for a portion or all of your purchases.

How Many Points do you Earn?
You earn 10 points for each dollar (rounded down) spent.  Shoppers Drug Mart has special days when you can earn 20 times the points or 200 points per dollar spent if you spend $50.  Sometimes it also offers 10x the points on fragrances and beauty or other specific items. 

What are Bonus Points
Product with bonus points will give you extra bonus Shoppers Optimum Points when you buy them.

What are they Worth?
8,000 points = $10
22,000 points = $30
38,000 = $60
50,000 = $85
95,000 = $170
Shoppers also has special days when you can redeem at the higher levels for even more money off your purchase!

If I Redeem More than the Price of my Purchase Do I Get the Excess Back?
Nope, you would lose any extras in this case.  You could choose to redeem at a lower level in this case.

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