Friday, 2 September 2011

10 Minute Cleaning Game Day 9

So last night when we had some down time while dinner was cooking, DH did the rearranging and got the new dishes stored nicely in the buffet.  This wouldn't have happened unless they were already unpacked, so I was pleased with myself for the way I spent my time.

For Day 9 the cleaning got done later rather than earlier in the day.  Today I managed to:
  1. Tidy the living room putting everything away
  2. Remove some basement items from the bedroom and clear off more of the dresser tops
  3. Load and run the dish washer
On top of that, the beds were made, clothes put away and there was general tidying being done as the day went on.  Things are starting to automate themselves.  DH has commented that the living room has been looking great lately and I'm pleased as punch that he's noticed.  It was after he'd heard about my new game that he pitched in yesterday and I like that he's on board with me for this one.  He usually tries to chip in as much as he can and often he even does more around the house than I do.  Sweetie.

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