Sunday, 4 September 2011

10 Minute Cleaning Game Day 11

Today I was mostly picking up from our get together last night.  It turned into another 15 minute clean (I get so into it!)

I unloaded the dishwasher and filled and ran it with the rest of the dishes from yesterday.  Put away spices and items that migrated to the kitchen.

Quick tidy of the livingroom.

Made bed and put away dirty laundry.

House now back to an almost presentable state.


  1. This sounds like a really fun game :) I need to play. Are you liking your results so far? When I think about it, it does seem like you could get quite a few things done in ten minutes.

  2. I am really liking the results! The main rooms look ok pretty much all the time now and I've started going through really messy spots an scrubbing places that really bug me down! I still have to force myself to start the 10 minutes, but I notice that stuff I used the time for in the beginning may already be done!