Thursday, 1 September 2011

10 Minute Cleaning Game Day 8

Today's post isn't too impressive.  I moved back upstairs to the livingroom today.  We have a habit of bringing thigs home and leaving them in the livingroom.

This has been a month of lots of moves for our family.  Yesterday we visited our aunt and uncle's (my in-laws) to pick up some linens and dishes they won't need once they downsize.  We got home and left everything packed right by the door.

Today I unpacked all the dishes and moved the linens (still packed) to our room.  That is all.

Not very impressive I know.  Especially since the dishes are now out but just unpacked. There needs to be quite a bit of movement to fit the new set in the hutch or cabinets, so this will have to be part of another 10 minute day.

On the plus side, the bed got made, dirty laundry ended up in the basket, the dishwasher got emptied and the livingroom still looks not too bad.  These 10 minutes are adding up.  Not only is the cleanliness carrying over, but little habits are starting to re-form too.

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