Thursday, 1 September 2011

What I'm Doing to Take Advantage of the Summer Left

Where has the summer gone?  It's back to school time already!  Even though I'm not in school now and don't plan on being back in school, September back to school season has stayed with me.  The leaves have already started changing here and DH says he saw a dew on his morning walk this week.  This hit me today so I decided to seize the day!  A little bit.

I just sat out front to continue my internet addiction but was getting a poor signal.  So I decided to go lay in the hammock and surf from the back yard.  When I got there I noticed more ragweed for me to pull.  We're having guests for a BBQ on Saturday and DH has allergies, so I want him to be able to join in the party.  I took a quick relax in the hammock after realizing there would be too much glare to use my laptop in the sun.  So now I'm back on the couch.

But, I went outside today and it feels great. 

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