Tuesday, 30 August 2011

10 Minute Clean Game Days 5 & 6

So.  Day 5.  Hadn't done the clean in two days and promised the Internet that I would do the clean.  Well.  I didn't.  Even with the whole world watching (and by that I mean the few of you that happen by my blog) I couldn't make myself cleanup for 10 minutes out of my day.  I don't even have the excuse that I was working on site.  I was at home all day!  When I'm lazy I'm lazy I guess.

Day 6.  Resigning myself to the fact that this would likely be another no clean day.  Which made me mad.  So, I cleaned.  Woohoo!  Finally back on track!  It had been a few days since my 10 minute clean and although I had been doing quick tidies there wasn't much left over from the cleanliness of before.  Here's what I did today as part of my 10 minute clean challenge:
- Put things away in the livingroom
- Filled the dishwasher
- Wiped down the counters
- Put some things away (there's still a big load near the table)
- Made the bed
- Put dirty clothes in the basket

The 10 minutes didn't go very far today, but I did it!  Tomorrow I have grander plans, wait and see.

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