Friday, 19 August 2011

I got Carried away wtih Auction Fever

I pride myself on frugality. Today was not a day I'm proud of.

A family member is downsizing and had their extra wares on an online auction site. We had wanted their patio set, so we were determined to pick it up. I had set a limit of $100 for everything we would buy from the auction.

Well, I had messed up my registration and so re-registered as was suggested by the site's tech people (robots?). This was not a good start, now I was trying to outbid myself on all of the items I'd already bid on. Next I started trying to get people up to their max bid because I thought things were selling too low. In the end I ended up with some items I'm pretty excited about getting, but I had to spend $215 to get them!

I feel good that the family will be getting our money for the items and that the sale went well. But, I'm a little ashamed that I let the bidding suck me in. I'll try to be more prepared next time.......

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