Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The "Quick! A Client is Coming!" Clean

This afternoon I had a client appointment at 1pm. I generally meet clients in my living room at the front of the house. Generally, my house is not tidy.

My quick clean for today consisted of:
1. moving everything that doesn't belong into a corner of the kitchen you can't see from the living room
2. Quick spot sweep of the living room
3. Filling and running the dishwasher and stacking the extra dirty dishes in the sink
4. Wiping down the counters and hiding everything extra from view.

This is my bare minimum for the house to be presentable for a client. I had a bit of spare time today, so I made the bed and closed the bedroom door then wiped down the bathroom surfaces.

If we're having guests over, the list gets a bit longer and more personal items stay in view.

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