Thursday, 25 August 2011

10 Minute Cleaning Game Day 1

Ok, so it's the first day and I'm completely on board with the experiment. Let's see if I can be a dedicated housekeeper! Today I started small. I knew there was too much clutter going on to scrub anything today, so I decided to tackle that. A few days ago I had cleared out the living room but the surfaces had been refilled since.

Here's what I did with my 10 mintues today:

1. Tidied the living room. Putbooks, pens, etc away in their place. Brought the mail To Do pile down to the office to be do'd. Brought the foot stool of our new rocking chair down to the basement. I would have carried the chair too but it was too heavy. No dusting, sweeping, or scrubbing. A couple of items are still bugging me in there.

2. Moved to the bedroom. Made the bed. Started clearing off my dresser. Sorted travel momentos and work receipts to go down to the office to be dealt with. No dusting, sweeping or scrubbing. Room still quite messy.

Didn't touch any other rooms.

So today I discovered that 10 mintues is a very short amount of time. I have little faith that 10 minutes a day will actually be able to make an impact on the house. But then again, I checked the accumulation of stuff in the living room, so that's something. I think I will need to move very fast to have anything real to brag about each day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have made a bigger dent.

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