Saturday, 20 August 2011

Rented a Truck to Pickup our Freebies and Deals

Today we rented a truck to finish the big moves for the family (I think there were 7 or 8 stops for the truck to make). We'll pick up all our auction items and the other large items we'd tagged before. We're still house sitting for one more night though, so we won't be able to enjoy our spoils of shopping/generosity until tomorrow.

One thing that surprises many people is that DH and I have a double bed. We always said if you love each other, you snuggle, hehe. Well, today we'll be picking up our new (to us) queen bed. I have a feeling we'll sleep pretty good for a while (even if we feel a little lonely).

The other item we're excited about is our new patio set. We have one now but have never really set it up before. I think tomorrow we'll have a nice BBQ and eat outside if the weather holds.

It's funny because we can look at a room and point out the couple of items that we've bought new as a couple. In every room in our house we've got "gifts" and "dumps" from family and friends. We usually don't have things exactly as we would have planned things, but that makes it more fun and a challenge to build a home around bits and pieces from other people. Plus, it gives the house a more relaxed atmosphere than if we'd bought everything new and matchy matchy.

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