Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What I Look For When Buying Sheets - an update

So, how did I do in the store? I first went to Zellers because they had a sale on bedding. The selection was pretty picked through, so I decided to leave and just go to Walmart where I knew I wouldn't be overcharged to get the basics. Besides, the Dairy Queen was close by and I needed to pick up a birthday cake.

Did I stick to my guns?

Nope. Well to some extent. I ended up with white cotton sheets. But, they're the fancy, should be ironed type. I decided that since we have the only queen bed in the house, we wouldn't mind wrinkles. I found some 600 thread count ones on clearance and they feel pretty nice.

I also picked up a new mattress cover and bed skirt. The only skirts I saw were the universal bed skirts. I had no idea what that meant. Usually I have the kind that rests on the box spring and hangs over. Turns out the universal ones are just enough fabric to tuck in between the box spring in mattress with the skirt that hangs out. It kinda gets in the way when I tuck in the sheets. There's probably a trick to it.....

The sheet set, mattress cover, and bed skirt came to about $90. I'm very happy with the quality of the sheets and mattress pad, but I'm always surprised at the price of bedding!

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