Monday, 29 August 2011

How not to Save Money

DH rides his bike to and from work on nice days.  It gives him a good workout (30km round trip), he gets to cut emissions on his commute (he takes public transit on other days), and he really enjoys it.

Buying a bike was a big decision for us.  He wanted to get a good bike, so it was a fairly big purchase for us that we put quite a bit of consideration into before making our decision.

Today DH has his bike stolen from outside his work right next to the security station.  We're both upset by this.  It's very frustrating to plan and save up for a purchase to have someone take it on a whim.  DH would take off his seat each morning, so at least we know the thief won't enjoy the ride.

We've considered making a claim on our home insurance to purchase a replacement.  But, in order to keep our premiums low we have a high deductible and we would like to avoid having a claim on our file.  Especially for such a small purchase in the big scheme of things.

So, with only a couple months of biking weather left, we start the decision making process again to find the next perfect bike.


  1. oh what a bummer!!!! I would have been really upset.

    and isn't that the worse thing about insurance? you don't want to pay more so usually you just end up paying for stuff yourself when that's their job to cover it?! it's like such a good scheme they have going on...

  2. I basically try to pay the lowest premium for coverage we would need in a true emergency. For anything else I wouldn't ever call.