Thursday, 25 August 2011

10 Minute Cleaning Game

Cleaning in my house is one of those things that once the routine is broken, the mess piles up fast, then it gets harder and harder to tackle. If I want to be a stay at home house wife, this will not do.

The house right now is on the egde. Easily made presentable but not right now. I'm not saying the place could be spick and span with little work, but it could be made passable in the right lighting.

So I've decided that until I've got this place under control, I'm implementing the 10 minute Cleaning Challenge.

Each day, I'll take 10 minutes to tackle a cleaning task that's been causing me stress. I'm hoping that after a while one of the following will happen:

1. the 10 minute increments will accumulate and the house will be perpetually awesome;
2. the 10 minutes will fire me up to spend more time tackling more tasks that day; or
3. the routines will become second nature and will be done instinctually throughout the day without thinking.

At worst I predict the following are plausible:

1. I will be a slacker and not stick with it;
2. I will be a stickler and only clean for 10 minutes even if I know I need to do more and the place will get worse; or
3. there will be a party at the house that we'd need to do a big clean for and I wouldn't continue after that because the house already looks good, then will get worse and worse.

I plan to try this out for 30 days, then evaluate if this exercise was worthwhile or if there are better possibilities. Wish me luck!

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