Friday, 26 August 2011

Why Should a Home have a Stockpile?

I love looking at pictures of other people's stockpiles.  As soon as I see those big chunky shelves I know I'll be impressed.  My own stockpile is stored throughout the house in the areas where the products will be used.  The basement is avaialble for overflow, but it's not as satisfying as seeing everything all in one place.

Some people will look at the stockpiles of others and write it off as hoarding.  For some that might be part of it.  For most though I think it's a sensible thing to do for your family.

Stockpiling for Short-Term Emerency Preparedness

You can't always get to the store.  During winter storms if the road crews are bogged down it could be days before it is safe to get out and drive around.  The Government of Canada recommends on its Get Prepared website ( that all households keep at least 3 days of emergency provisions on hand and also have a grab-and-go emergency kit.   

In cases of viral outbreaks or more extreme weather scenarios, you may be required to stay in your home for even longer. 

Even if you can get to the store, if there is a supply issue there may not be the items you need left because most others will likely be searching for them too. 

Stock Piling for Prolonged Emergencies

If someone in your home loses their job, it could take months to replace that income.  In the mean time, you will be relying on your emergency funds to replace that income.  If you have your consumables stocked on hand, that's one less expense for you to worry about.  Minimizing the cash outlay you have will mean that your emergency fund will last longer.

Stock Piling to Maximize Store Discounts

Most items do go on sale at some point in the year.  Usually, items will be deeply discounted every few months.  If you purchase enough when on sale to make it to the next sale, it's like you're getting the sale all year long.

I started stockpiling to take advantage of deals once we started tightening our food budget.  Since then I've also become concerned about ensuring my family is prepared in case of storms or loss of income.  But, when asked why I stockpile by someone I know isn't actually interested, I just reply "zombie apocalypse".

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